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Well, didn't expect this!

Well, good morning, at least I sincerely hope it is. I have found it nearly impossible to write anything here as we all cope with the strange new world we find ourselves in.

There are plenty of writers and bloggers keen to tell you how well or badly they are coping with lock-down, how it's affected their work and how they are surviving or not. I'll pass on that as I don't think I have anything particularly insightful to add.

I can't decide if the fact that you worked from home before Covid-19 is a plus or a minus. I think it's a plus insofar as we're used to being here, where we're told we have to be, but like many of you, the urge to go out is keenly felt, mostly because we are constantly told we shouldn't. Ah, perfidious humanity!

Not that I have any desire to run through the town hugging every stranger I meet, Covid-19 is simply too dangerous to take that risk. A friend of mine contracted it and thankfully is recovering but one chat with him after he was discharged was enough to drive home the desirability of avoiding it like the plague. Literally.

So what do you do? Rail against journalists who, on the whole, seem to be as confounded by the situation as the politicians they are trying to hold to account. I fear that 'holding to account' and 'Gotcha!' have become synonymous in many minds and I am not convinced that this is really helping the majority cope with life at present. I am struck that many seem to have discovered a sense of mission which was lacking during the Brexit debacle. However that's just my view. Yes, we need a thorough examination of all that has happened, I'm maybe not persuaded that we need it daily in headline form which then fades as quickly as as it arose.

Work is hard to find at present. After a major client used a peculiar twist on the Kantian Imperative to drop me like a cold turd, I have been left with mainly magazine work which doesn't fully occupy my time. It is arguable that it is exactly at these times that companies should be maintaining communications with their customers, and some are, but I also understand (having written numerous blogs about Government scheme to help employers and employees through this) that their attentions are on more existential matters. I can't find it in me to blame them for that.

So, like so many of us present, I do what I can and hope for a better future. All of you, take care or yourselves and those close to you; this will pass.

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