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I must have blinked...

I just received a "Congrats on your work anniversary" notification on LinkedIn, which I confess threw me momentarily. However, it's true; PPS Writing has been going for a year now, a whole year since I took a look at what I was doing and decided to grasp this challenge with both hands.

It's been, and continues to be, interesting :) I've learned a lot, written a lot and discovered that despite the inevitable ups and downs of any profession, writing is still the best way I know to make money. Actually, I suspect that being a world-famous rock star might give it a run for it's money but that never really happened...

So this is a short post to thank everyone I have met along the way during the past 12 months, to express my thanks to those who have passed me work and then come back for more and to those who have offered advice, encouragement and coffee.

I am currently busier than at any point in the past year and although that is demanding I am delighted to be where I am. So a huge 'thank you' and onwards!


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