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I'm beginning to understand...

That's to say, I'm beginning to understand why writers write about writing all the time. After a very domestic start to the week, I have turned my fingers to work today with gusto, finishing various projects and breaking the back of others. Writing is no different to any profession, some days are easy, others less so. So far today has been one of those days when things have slid nicely into place, and it's these days that remind me why I actually enjoy doing this for a living.

I love being able to tell a story, regardless of what that story is actually about. It might be Google's latest exploits, or a biography for a client who is speaking at a conference. Creating a cohesive whole from a start, middle and end is genuinely satisfying; when you read through and nothing jars, nothing feels out of place everything just flows nicely.

When that happens the piece is easier to read, and there is a far better chance that your readers will feel the same way and actually read right to the end, rather than finding their concentration shaken and reaching for the back-button in search of something less spiky. That's nothing to do with content - the content can be challenging - but the presentation should lead the reader through the various points that have to be made in a manner that is conducive both to understanding and to feeling that the piece is worth their time.

Of course, it doesn't always happen like that, maybe tomorrow will bring me hours of frustration as try to find the right way to deliver the message, but that's tomorrow and today is feeling smooth!

Time for coffee I think :)

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